Apple Acknowledges Mobile Hotspot Issues in iOS 13, iPadOS 13

Apple has internally recognized and reported authorized service providers for an issue in iOS 13 and the personal hotspot iPadOS 13, which can lead users to repair their iPhones and iPads due to connection failures. To work around this problem, service providers have been instructed to deactivate the personal access point and then reactivate it.

This suggests that there will likely be a solution in a future software update, but it is unclear whether the problem has been resolved in iOS 13.4, and the latest GM release notes do not mention any Personal Hotspot solutions, a MacRumors reported Sunday.

The personal hotspot function allows users to enable connection sharing on their iPhone so that their other network connected devices can access the Internet.

The iPhone maker says the issue is not hardware related and advises customers to make sure their devices are up to date.

“Apple recommends that customers keep their software up to date and has stated that it is not a hardware problem,” said the report.

For the moment, nothing indicates that a solution is included in iOS 13.4.

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